Our Mission

Our mission is to positively impact women around the world through higher education

elevating them to the expert level in their field.

The Doyenne Initiative is a non-governmental organization (NGO) created to provide and support higher-level education and knowledge growth opportunities for women in developing countries.


This will be done through a threefold action:

  • Providing women scholarships for graduate-level education in highly specialized fields of study

  • Facilitating opportunities for internships and meaningful work experiences
  • Providing mentorship opportunities

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Why Experts?

Kathy Eberwein, the Doyenne Initiative’s founder, is the CEO of The Global Edge Group and a Mechanical Engineer from the University of Maryland.  


Through her experiences as a CEO providing personnel for major capital projects in developing countries, she has witnessed a shortage of local workforce capability to support these projects. The result of this is local employees often miss opportunities to participate in the elevated career paths with these global companies on these projects.  


Kathy has always had a passion for social impact and felt this was her opportunity to make a positive change.


Why Women?

 In addition to the general workforce capability shortage, Kathy saw an even larger gap in women who were experienced technical experts in their field.  Due to the widespread recognized need to promote equality for women, Kathy felt that a focus on elevating women to ‘take their seat at the table’ is where she could make the most impact.


Her hope is that by providing opportunities, the lives of these women will be significantly changed and, as a result, they will create a positive impact on future generations and society at large.

After years of thoughtful planning and discussions, her vision because a reality in August of 2019 when the Doyenne Initiative was formed.

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