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The Mozambican Minister of Energy meets with the Doyenne Fellows to wish them a successful journey

Last Friday, His Excellency Mozambican Minister of Energy & Mineral Resources, Max Tonela, received Doyenne's Reliability Engineering Program fellows to wish them a safe journey and good luck the pursuit of their Master’s Degree at the University of Maryland.

During the meeting Director of Human Resources for the Ministry, Marta Pecado, reiterated that the Doyenne fellow's accomplishment will not only ensure the inclusion of women in the leadership positions, but also to the multiplication of high skilled Mozambicans across industry.

The meeting was also attended by Enrique Cossa, advisor to the Minister and leader of the Local Contest Task Force in Mozambique.

Doyenne Initiative founder Kathy Eberwein's vision is that these and future Doyenne fellows will become leaders in industry, academia, government and beyond. The development of Doyenne fellows does not stop with them. All Doyenne fellows are selected based their shared vision in giving back and sharing their knowledge and networks to empower other girls, women as well as boys and men in their communities.

The Doyenne journey has only just begun. World class education, internships, development, careers and paying it forward lie ahead. We can't wait to see the where this journey will lead and the influence and change it will inspire.

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