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Doyenne Programs

Fellowships for women in specialized higher education 

Program Features

Going beyond scholarships

Complete tuition and living expenses for graduate-level education in highly specialized fields of study

Internships, relevant work experience and connections to high-level job placements

Mentor matching and access to our community of Doyennes and industry mentors

Opportunities to give back and teach in your home country or mentor future Doyennes

Launching in Mozambique

August 2020

Doyenne Reliability Engineering Program


Creating Momentum

Cultivating female leadership is our mission,

but the Doyenne impact extends beyond the individual.

Young women are looking for the next generation of role models and our initiative is here to empower them. Integrating engagement with future Doyennes into our programs creates a sustainable and cyclical model for change. Built into every Doyenne program are give back tracks, emboldening women to continue the change from the boardroom to the classroom. With Doyennes, change isn't linear - it's exponential. 

     For every Doyenne in our program, an entire community of girls behind them will witness a success story; and an entire community of women ahead of them will gain a role model.

Masters or PhD?

Doyenne programs follow women through their post-graduate degree. Whether fellows choose to pursue their Masters or Doctorate will determine their give back track. 


Industry Track

Give Back Track

  • Five year commitment to return and work in home country

  • Mentor and host workshops for young women and men

  • Act as an Industry Liaison for Doyenne Initiative

  • Fundraise for future programs


Academia Track

Give Back Track

  • Return to home country to teach at a local university

  • Five year commitment to teaching

  • Mentor graduate students


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