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Creating Experts

Through Education

Empowerment, expertise & equality

Who We Are

Doyenne Initiative is an international nonprofit organization focused on cultivating female experts to take on leadership roles in industry, education, government and beyond. 


We help capable, career-driven women become experts in specialized fields through scholarships for graduate level education, work experience, and mentorship. The Doyenne Initiative aims to create a sustainable ecosystem of women that supports its own future operations and empowers women to continue the change that started with them.


Women have made great strides in the workforce; but we're not done yet

doy·enne /doiˈ(y)en/

noun: a woman who is the most respected or prominent person in a particular field

Deadline to Apply
Successful Candidates Selected for DREP
Introductory Vetting Course in Reliability Engineering



Doyenne Reliability Engineering Program


Cultivating Female Reliability Engineers in Mozambique


Be Her Champion.

There are many ways to support the Doyenne mission. Explore ways to get involved whether you're a donor, a technical professional willing to mentor Doyenne Fellows or an industry leader looking to establish a strategic partnership. 


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